About Us

What is Puku?

Based in New York City, Puku is a company that is revolutionizing the mobile charging industry with powerful, high quality and beautifully designed portable chargers. We are a team of visionaries and trendsetters with experience in a wide range of fields, from fashion and the arts to engineering, finance, marketing and mobile technology. We are dedicated to providing our customers with portable chargers that provide exceptional power, a chic look and upscale feel, all in one.

Inspired by New York City’s iconic trendsetting fashion and culture, the Puku charger was designed and developed to capture this city’s remarkable uniqueness and share it with the world. The first charger of its kind to incorporate a sense of style into its construction, the Puku charger aims to make the process of charging mobile devices easier, trendier and more fun. 

Why Puku?

Puku is a breed of antelope found in the savanna grasslands of central Africa, mostly in Tanzania and Zambia. They are beautiful, fast and the strongest among the existing members of the antelope family. Known for their excellent survival instincts, Puku can survive in extremely wet or dry weather conditions, and they can also live in high altitudes when escaping floods.

Puku possess all the qualities we incorporate into our portable chargers: strength, beauty and durability. As such, we feel deeply connected to these mammals and have integrated them into our design and brand. Our motto, “Charge where you are”, reflects our mission to ensure that everyone is able to stay connected with top-quality, beautiful portable chargers, regardless of location.

Survive in style today with a Puku.